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MAXIMUS TIENET Software Awarded PowerSchool Partner Badges for K-12 Special Education and Response to Intervention Solutions


RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide, announced today that its TIENET solution, a recognized education administrative software deployed across North America, was recently awarded PowerSchool integration partner badges in areas such as single sign-on, data exchange and seamless-user experience. PowerSchool Group is a leading provider of student information systems in K-12 education worldwide.

The MAXIMUS TIENET solution has five specialized modules that include special education case management, response to intervention (also called multi-tiered support system), service capture to track clinical services provided to students, assessment and instructional management. Last year, PowerSchool named TIENET its preferred special education case management system and began offering TIENET under the name PowerSchool Special Education Case Management, which is sold both by MAXIMUS and PowerSchool. TIENET is deployed in more than 19 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

“PowerSchool’s new badging system enables school districts to clearly see those products that have been tested and confirmed to be well integrated with PowerSchool, making the task of managing student data much easier for a classroom teacher,” commented Phyllis Fish, K-12 Education Practice Lead for MAXIMUS. “The fact that TIENET is the only special education case management software that PowerSchool offers under the PowerSchool name is a testament to the productive relationship between MAXIMUS and PowerSchool.”

“To improve the quality of education in schools and home, we need technology integrated seamlessly and contextually,” elaborated Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool. “PowerSchool Special Education Case Management software integrated with PowerSchool Student Information System is used by all of the schools in the Province of Nova Scotia as well as in schools across Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois and New Mexico.”

The single sign-on feature allows users to utilize one set of login credentials — saving time and reducing risk of user account lockout. The data exchange badge confirms that MAXIMUS TIENET uses the PowerSchool API for seamless, secure data exchange with PowerSchool. Finally the user experience badge attests to the seamless user experience, with embedded third-party applications and widgets in PowerSchool for intuitive access. TIENET also provide schools with its proprietary data connectivity tool to enable connections to countless other programs, including non-MAXIMUS products.


Since 1975, MAXIMUS has operated under its founding mission of Helping Government Serve the People®, enabling citizens around the globe to successfully engage with their governments at all levels and across a variety of health and human services programs. MAXIMUS delivers innovative business process management and technology solutions that contribute to improved outcomes for citizens and higher levels of productivity, accuracy, accountability and efficiency of government-sponsored programs. With approximately 16,000 employees worldwide, MAXIMUS is a proud partner to government agencies in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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