As a Maximus officer, director, employee, or consultant, you must report any suspected ethical violations. You may speak to your supervisor or contact:

  • Senior management in your local project, department, business unit, or segment
  • Your local human resources department
  • U.S. Corporate Compliance Officer
  • U.S. Corporate General Counsel
  • U.S. Corporate Audit Committee

Report to Maximus Ethics Hotline here:

Or call:

U.S. and Canada: 844.592.2218

Australia: 1.800.319.521

Italy: 800146986

Saudi Arabia: dial 1-800-10, dial 844.592.2218 at the English prompt

Singapore: ITFS hotline, 800.110.2311

Sweden: file online

U.K.: 0808.234.6400

See Key Contacts at the end of this guide for more information.

If you’re not sure where to send your report, email the Corporate Compliance Officer at

Confidentiality of Reporting

Maximus takes investigations very seriously and will try to maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible consistent with our obligation to investigate and remedy any matters. We prohibit retribution or retaliation against anyone who reports suspected unethical behavior in good faith. Maximus personnel who deliberately make a false accusation in order to harm or retaliate against another individual will be subject to disciplinary action, including ending employment.