Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the framework of rules and practices that affect the direction and administration of a company. At Maximus, we view corporate governance as a critical method for ensuring accountability, fairness, and transparency to our many stakeholders. We invite you to view the links below to learn more about our corporate governance principles.

Communications with Directors

Shareholders and other interested parties wishing to communicate with the Board of Directors, the non-employee directors or any individual director (including any committee chair) may do so by sending a communication to the Board of Directors and/or a particular member of the Board of Directors, care of the Company Secretary at Maximus, Inc., 1891 Metro Center Drive, Reston, Virginia 20190. Depending upon the nature of the communication and to whom it is directed, the Company Secretary will: (a) forward the communication to the appropriate director or directors; (b) forward the communication to the relevant department within the Company; or (c) attempt to handle the matter directly (for example, a communication dealing with a share ownership matter).