Maximus provides technology-enabled, business process outsourcing services to state, federal and foreign governments, predominantly for health and human services programs worldwide, through long-term contractual arrangements. Each project Maximus undertakes is governed by the government agency's regulatory obligations as defined in these contractual arrangements.

Maximus has an Information Security Office under its Chief Information Security Officer to provide oversight over the Company’s security obligations, as well as a Privacy Office under its Privacy Official to provide oversight over the Company’s privacy obligations within these contracts. The Board of Directors has also established a technology committee to help the Board's oversight with respect to the Company’s global information technology (IT) including, but not limited to, IT infrastructure, product development, digital services portfolio, cybersecurity, IT aspects of mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property protection.

Maximus predominately serves in the role of data custodian. The government clients maintain the role as data owners, which includes the responsibility for establishing the information security and privacy requirements that govern its access and use by contract. As such, each Maximus project that requires an Internet-facing website on behalf of the client includes a website privacy policy reflecting the specific language required by the client.

Information about our program offerings can be found on our website. You may find the privacy policy for this website here.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by:
Mail: Maximus
Information Security Officer
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