Subsidiaries of Maximus, Inc.
Name of Subsidiary* Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
2020 Company, LLC Illinois
Ascend Management Innovations LLCTennessee
BZ Bodies LtdEngland & Wales
Child Welfare Assessments Pty LtdAustralia
Connect Assist Holdings LtdEngland & Wales
Connect Assist LtdEngland & Wales
InjuryNet Australia Pty LtdAustralia
InSysCo, Inc.Virginia
Interactive Technology Solutions, LLCMaryland
ITEQ Holding Company, Inc. Maryland
MAX Solutions Pty Ltd Australia
Maximus Australia Holding Company Pty LtdAustralia
Maximus BC Health Benefit Operations Inc.British Columbia
Maximus BC Health Inc. British Columbia
Maximus Canada Services, Inc. Canada
Maximus Canada, Inc.Canada
Maximus Co., Ltd.Korea
Maximus Companies Ltd England & Wales
Maximus Consulting Services, Inc.Virginia
Maximus Education, LLCDelaware
Maximus Federal Consulting, LLC Delaware
Maximus Federal IT, LLCVirginia
Maximus Federal Services, Inc.Virginia
Maximus Federal Systems, LLC Maryland
Maximus Gulf Company LtdSaudi Arabia
Maximus Higher Education, Inc.Virginia
Maximus Human Services, Inc. Virginia
Maximus Services LLCDelaware
Maximus US Services, Inc. Indiana
Maximus UK Services LtdEngland & Wales
Optimos LLCMaryland
Policy Studies LLC Colorado
PSI Services Holding LLC Delaware
Stirling Institute of Australia Pty LtdAustralia
VES Group, Inc.Texas
Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc.Illinois
Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc.Texas
*Other subsidiaries have been omitted from this list because, considered in the aggregate, they would not constitute a significant subsidiary under Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation S-X, Rule 1-02(w).